Yoga in the West is commonly associated with physical postures (asanas). But the true definition and meaning of yoga is union…connection with the mind, body & spirit. This connection is not limited to oneself, but the entire self-awareness. More on Yoga is HERE


I have been practicing Yoga since I was a child and began teaching yoga in 1993. From that point I realized I had something to share. A practice of mindfulness, awareness & meditative disciplines. More of my yoga path can be found HERE

Yoga dogs

I have been around dogs and loved dogs my entire life. In 2008 I adopted my first rescue dog who became the inspiration for YogaDogs. I found when my mind was in a meditative place so was my dogs…when I was anxious…so was his. The inspiration has since grown into many rescued animals, training programs and well balanced dogs.

training philosophy

The YogaDogs Training method is one based on a calm assertive energy and direction created by the dog owner. Dogs do understand simple verbal commands…but what is behind the command? A dog may react upon seeing other dogs…who reacts first at the sight of other dogs? A dog may not sit when instructed to sit…what is the meaning behind the command? From a simple walk, house training or overnight stay to rehabilitation of disruptive or a destructive animal to proper introduction and adoptions. YogaDogs has an on option for you to balance the animal. Visit the Services page for a training that works for you.

pure thought comes from pure intention