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Hola Everyone!

Wow, where did the time go!   Here we are with another autumn upon us.  I had an amazing summer with a lot of teaching and a little break for my Yoga Retreat & Teacher Training in the always amazing Tulum, Mexico. You will have the opportunity to study with  some of the new teachers at YogaAbove too! Coming back into Princeton after a little time away always amazes me to see new life through the windows of YogaAbove.   People back in the swing of a regular schedule, students back to classes, our time becoming more and more our own.

Every now and then when I come into town I question why I am there...when I started teaching at Princeton University back in 1993 I was honestly befuddled for months as to what brought me to this part of my path and this place.   One day a student approached me after class and simply said "thank you...if it was not for yoga I would not be able to cope with all I am going through..."

The reminders always help...people explaining how they just returned from a recovery program and yoga is their avenue to find solace.... dealing with the loss of a loved one... someone new to town is greeted with a community of like minded yogis...a place to call home...I don't take any of it for granted and am always grateful when I see and hear everyone returning with the stories of their path. I may not be the socialite or the fashion plate, as much as that has become yoga, but I will continue to be my blatantly honest self with all of you...  So THANK YOU for appreciating the awareness I share with all of you.

We have plenty of classes to keep the flow going at YogaAbove with the recently added Community Yoga classes to the schedule.  These classes  help everyone with proceeds from the Community Yoga classes going toward rehabilitation of shelter animals in our area...Good karma for ALL beings!

You can find the full class schedule online at www.YogaAbove.com or on your mobile device at  m.YogaAbove.com

Upcoming at YogaAbove is my friend, teacher and brother from another mother Etan Boritzer who will host  his Power Yoga Insight workshop Sept 21

Coming Soon will be a workshop with one of my long time students of Yoga and Viapssana Meditation who really followed the path and has become an ordained Buddhist Nun!

You can find all the upcoming events at the YogaAbove workshop page.

I am blessed to be able to share this path with all of you and looking forward to our continued growth!

I'll see you on the mat soon!

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