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Open Flow Yoga, more than anything physical, is taken from the elements that fuse into yoga practice creating an amazing energy. Learn, Enlighten, Breathe, Open, Feel and Flow. Six simple components that I think any one of us can do, but I will break them down further and how this applies to our yoga practice on and off the yoga mat.

Learn - There has yet to be a day gone by for me that something is not learned, weather it be in meditation, my yoga practice or a trip to the grocery store. We can learn from ourselves and the world around us. We just need to be open enough to accept the teachings coming through, in any shape or form.

Enlighten - Which essentially means to broaden knowledge. Being enlightened can be a spiritual path for some, but this can also be the person who walks into my yoga class for the first time or is enlightened enough to try Conch Ceviche for the first time!

Breathe - Sounds simple, we all breathe. But those simple things are not so easy at times. Being conscious of our breathing is often forgotten in challenging moments. Weather it is in Yoga class or a drive down the highway. Holding our breath and affecting the flow of respiration is the epitome of building up the anxiety we are trying to eradicate. Try breathing free and notice the difference! Let the calmness be your place of solitude, your vacation from the foolishness that fills the world.

Open - Opening a barrier or opening our hearts, they are all the same. Essentially opening our hearts, minds and bodies in yoga practice. Being open to ourselves and who we are inside. Let us not forget to open the door for the people with their hands full either!

Feel - We all think we feel, we know we feel. But do we often take the time feel what is inside ourselves? The intention of our yoga practice. Feel and know who and what we are. Once we can know ourselves we can share the feeling with others and know the atmosphere around us.

Flow - As a flowing checkout line or flowing from elbow balance to handstand. Keeping a flow in life and yoga practice, adjusting to the daily changes as they progress. I'll quote the words of the late Swami Satchidananda. "A yogi is like a surfer who knows how to balance on his board. He welcomes even a big rolling wave because he knows how to enjoy it without getting caught in it."


Studio Info & Directions

The studio has changing rooms and bathrooms, as well as a place for your personal belongings.

There are no showers in the studio.

Please arrive to class 10-15 minutes early. Arriving on time shows respect for the practice.

Please turn off or silence your phone when you arrive. All cell phone use is to be done outside of the studio and reception area.

No shoes in the studio, please. Remove your shoes prior to entering the studio.

Please do not apply perfume, scented oils or lotions prior to entering or in the studio. Some students have odor sensitivities and/or allergies.

Classes are offered at $10 to $15 per class.

Yoga classes are not only physically demanding but also mentally challenging. Do bring a sense of humor. If you don't laugh, you'll cry!
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Parking & Mass Transportation Options

1) Mass Transportation

2) Street parking

3) Parking garages